Lean 2.0

Hey guys! I’m proud to announce the latest version of Lean Theme, 2.0. This is the largest change to date and I’m really excited to get in into your hands. There are a number of new features, page templates, design changes and bug fixes. I also revamped the documentation and product page.

I have also created a support forum that is available with the purchase of a Support License, or you can also still download a Single License like before.

Here’s what all changed:

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Advanced Grunt Techniques

Last week I wrapped up my Grunt series on WP Tuts+. The last post in the series is Advanced Grunt Techniques. I talk about nesting grunt configurations, how to access things in your package.json file and how to create custom tasks. You will want to read one of the previous post to setup Grunt if you haven’t already.

I have disabled comments here, so If you guys have any questions, please comment on the original post. Thanks!

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Ratchet definitely looks like something I will spend some time with. Congrats to the Bootstrap team on bringing this under their GitHub project. What is Ratchet you ask? Here’s the simple description from their docs:

Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JS components.

You can read more about Ratchet here on the Bootstrap Blog.


An Introduction To Grunt

I’m excited to share with you guys that I am writing for WP Tuts+ again. I did write a few posts when I interned with 8BIT and I am now going to be a regular author on the site. My first post is An Introduction To Grunt and the title kind of gives it away. I talk about what Grunt is, some of its dependencies and the structure of it as well. This post is part of a series of posts that will talk about Grunt and how to use it with your WordPress projects.

I also wanted to say thanks to my friend Tom who is the editor of WP Tuts+ and encouraged me to start writing for them again. Thanks Tom!

I have disabled comments here, so If you guys have any questions, please comment on the original post. Thanks!

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Mayer for WordPress.com

I wanted to share a new theme from my friend Tom McFarlin. Tom was the developer at 8BIT and had previously built Standard Theme. I had the opportunity to spend some time beta testing his theme and its pretty awesome. It is a theme that he built for himself so it’s geared towards a single author with the style of long form posts. You can check out the theme here.

Way to go Tom!


Image sliders! The number one most requested thing from all clients for websites. Right? Well I had a recent project that needed to elements to slide, images and testimonials. The images they wanted to slide left to right and the testimonials they just wanted to fade in and out.

I am using Lean Theme as a base, which includes Bootstrap, so naturally I’m using the Bootstrap Carousel. The default behavior of each item in the carousel is to slide to the left. The current item slides left and the next item slides left at the same pace. All of these transitions are being handled as CSS animations, located in the carousel.less file.

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