2014 Goals

I can’t believe 2013 is now gone and it’s now 2014. I have to say that I feel like I owned 2013 and excited to take on 2014. I think the most important thing that I was able to do in 2013 was gaining motivation to continue to ship. Here’s some of the things I was able to ship in 2013:

I was looking at my goals from 2013 and wanted to take a look at my WordPress goals. Here’s where I landed with them:

WordPress for 2013

  1. Get 10,000 page views per month by the end of 2013 (currently around 3,000)I am currently north of 15,000 pageviews per month
  2. Write at least 3 posts per month week on WP Daily - Even though WP Daily is no longer, it helped me get serious about blogging and helped me make connections
  3. Launch a online store front to share and sell custom child themes for Standard Theme - I didn’t get this one going, but did get two themes for sale (Lean and Clean)
  4. Create and contribute at least one child theme for Standard Theme each month to the 8BIT Github
  5. Work with Michael out of a job on the 8BIT Support Forums ( read more about this here! )I went from intern to a part of the team and lead the Support Forums
  6. Attend Wordcamp Atlanta and meet the guys at 8BIT in person and others in the Atlanta area ( Blocking off March 15th and 16th on my calendar! )Highlight of the year!
  7. Continue to gain knowledge and experience with WordPress - Creating a couple of themes based off Standard really helped me gain knowledge of WordPress
  8. Continue to add to my portfolio ( hire me )I completed a number of projects, but need to be better about blogging about them

WordPress for 2014

  1. Continue to update both Lean and Clean Themes
  2. Create a new theme from scratch instead of building off Standard Theme
  3. Contribute to WordPress.org, either code to core or documenting the Codex or both
  4. Continue blogging and get 25,000 pageviews per month

Bootstrap for 2014

  1. Continue to update Bootstrap iOS 7 Theme
  2. Create a couple more Bootstrap themes
  3. Contribute to the Bootstrap project

Other Tech Goals for 2014

  1. Get more familiar with GitHub and git
  2. Get more familiar with Node.js, Grunt, Bower and other front end technologies
  3. Get more familiar with Jekyll and other static site generators

Personal Goals for 2014

I’m going to focus on two things primarily this year. The first is my health and second is debt.

I am going to eat a lot healthier and start working out regularly. I used to really enjoy working out and want to get back into it. It will also help my energy level and other things. I’ve got a standup desk at work, so I better take advantage of that!

I’m hoping to get all my credit card and student loan debt paid off and just have a mortgage and one car payment. This is essential for the future of my family and unnecessary stress that should be eliminated. It’s nothing out of control or anything, just want to check it off the list.

What are some of your goals for 2014?

  1. Props on the goals – eager to see how you do with them!

    I don’t normally share resolutions or year-end reviews or anything like that, but I’ve got some stuff I’ll be sharing tomorrow largely based around personal and professional things that I’m looking to accomplish in January.

    Keep the blog updating with your progress – eager to see it :).

  2. Rock it, little by little and getter done!!!

    Ps I know an awesome site built with Jekyll!!! :)

  3. Awesome dude! You’re killin’ it!

  4. Dude! Love your progress report and vision casting for 2014.

    Let me know if you need any help in the debt department! I’d be glad to help any way I can.

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