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Video Set Props Fail

Video Set Props #FAIL

I was watching the Monsters Weekend going on Animal Planet. My wife and I like watching River Monsters and I caught something that seemed off. There was a scene where Jeremy Wade was getting interviewed and there was a Macbook Pro on the desk next to him. If you don’t already know, I’m a little partial to all things Apple, and I always like seeing the product placement of Apple products. It is funny to me that some shows show the glowing Apple logo on the top shell of the laptop or back of an iMac, and others cover it up with duct tape or in post editing. Anyways, back to what I noticed.

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Stick With What You Know

I regard myself as a developer first, videographer second, and designer third. Developer is first because it’s what pays the bills and it’s what I tend to lose a few hours of sleep doing. Videography is number two because it is my passion and something I have always enjoyed. Design is coming in at third because it’s something new and has become a larger role in my job. We are talking pixel-by-pixel design, majority consisting of icons for web applications. Illustrator has become a great friend of mine. Continue Reading…


Video Inspired Web Design

I have been struggling to figure out exactly what I was going to blog about on my site. First I just thought it would be more of just a portfolio website to showcase some of work I’ve done, but now I really want to share the things that I really enjoy doing. I knew there was a reason why I chose the three words Web, Design, and Video. I will be sharing each day this week on how these three influence each other for me and how I draw inspiration from them all. There seems to be a method to my madness (or whatever you want to call it).

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Speed Bump

I have been reading a number of tech articles and hands on posts on the new MacBook Pro’s.  What I think is the most impressive thing about them is the new Thunderbolt technology from Intel. Apple and Intel have packaged this new connector technology through the existing Mini-Display port that Apple uses. What really excites me about this is the sure speed this new connector can produce, 10GB/s both ways.  Why is that a big deal? Continue Reading…


New Final Cut Coming!!!

I get really excited when I here of new things coming from Apple.  For those of you who know me, I am a little bit partial to Apple Products.  I have already looked at all the updates from this morning on Apple’s website.  In case you haven’t heard, Apple updated their MacBook Pro line of laptops, gave more of a preview of what the next version of the operating system Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and also gave developers an early release of the operating system.  After the excitement worn down from all those things, I just read this article about some select few people getting a preview of the next version of Final Cut Pro.  I use Final Cut Studio to produce all the videos that I do, so this is really exciting for me. I can’t wait to see what the Final Cut team has up its sleeve.