Bootstrap Blog Example

Last week Bootstrap 3.1 was released. The really overhauled the docs added a lot of great additional content and examples. One of the new examples they created was a Blog example.

I was really impressed by the minimal and clean design. That’s when I thought, “this could be a sweet WordPress theme”, so I started making one. Check it out!

Index Page
Index Page

This is my first theme that I have written from scratch, which was one of my goals for 2014. It has been a great learning opportunity and really makes the theme lightweight since I’m not adding anything I don’t need.


There aren’t any additional widgets or admin screens. I’m considering adding a few options in the Theme Customizer. I’m planning on reading through this great series on WP Tuts, written by my buddy Tom McFarlin.

Tags and Comments
Tags and Comments

The last thing I’m still wrestling around with is if/how to sell the theme. Sell it myself? Submit to Theme Forest? or Open-source it?

What are your guys’ thoughts? You like the theme? Would you buy it?

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Jason Bradley

I am a UX/UI Developer at John Deere by day, creator of WordPress and Bootstrap themes by night.

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