Lean 2.0

Hey guys! I’m proud to announce the latest version of Lean Theme, 2.0. This is the largest change to date and I’m really excited to get in into your hands. There are a number of new features, page templates, design changes and bug fixes. I also revamped the documentation and product page.

I have also created a support forum that is available with the purchase of a Support License, or you can also still download a Single License like before.

Here’s what all changed:

 New Features

  • New design
    • White Body Background
    • Header Background (Jumbotron)
    • Dark Contrast (default)
    • Light Contrast
    • Post Header
    • Post Footer
    • Categories and Tags
  • Page Templates
    • Image Slider
    • Jumbotron
  • Custom Post Types
    • Slides
    • Featurettes
  • Jetpack Support
    • Social Sharers
    • Google +
    • Related Posts
  • Admin
    • Updated to match WordPress styles more closely
    • Display Footer Credits (feature request from Standard days)
  • Widgets
    • Renamed Home Widgets to Marketing Widgets
    • Removed Home Bottom Sidebar Area
  • CSS
    • Changed from LESS to SASS (bootstrap-sass)
    • style.css file is now under 100KB!
    • Removed dark stylesheets
    • Custom font awesome build
  • Automatically kick off bower install after `npm install`

Bug Fixes

  • Admin Social
    • Reset Defaults
    • Icon URL cancel button
  • Right paren in post title breaks SEO meta descrption


There’s new documentation built in. You can view them online or run locally. To run locally you need to have Jekyll installed, then you can navigate to your theme’s folder in the command line and run jekyll serve to view the documentation locally.


I am now officially offering support. I will reply to any issues you find as promptly as I can and plan on adding Tutorials as time allows.

Published by

Jason Bradley

I am a UX/UI Developer at John Deere by day, creator of WordPress and Bootstrap themes by night.

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