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Simplifying the Expression (-2c^4d)(-4cd)

This expression involves multiplying two monomials, each containing variables with exponents. Let's break down the process of simplifying it:

1. Understanding the Properties

  • Multiplication of monomials: When multiplying monomials, we multiply the coefficients (numerical parts) and add the exponents of the same variables.
  • Signs: Multiplying two negative numbers results in a positive number.

2. Applying the Properties

  • Coefficients: (-2) * (-4) = 8
  • Variables: c^4 * c = c^(4+1) = c^5 and d * d = d^2

3. Combining the Results

The simplified expression is 8c^5d^2.

Therefore, (-2c^4d)(-4cd) is equivalent to 8c^5d^2.

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