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Adding Complex Numbers: (−4+10i)+(5+3i)

This article will guide you through the process of adding two complex numbers: (−4+10i) and (5+3i).

Understanding Complex Numbers

Complex numbers are numbers that can be expressed in the form a + bi, where 'a' and 'b' are real numbers and 'i' is the imaginary unit, defined as the square root of -1.

Adding Complex Numbers

Adding complex numbers is straightforward. We simply add the real parts and the imaginary parts separately.

Step 1: Identify the real and imaginary parts of each complex number.

  • For (−4+10i):
    • Real part: -4
    • Imaginary part: 10
  • For (5+3i):
    • Real part: 5
    • Imaginary part: 3

Step 2: Add the real parts: -4 + 5 = 1

Step 3: Add the imaginary parts: 10 + 3 = 13

Step 4: Combine the results to get the final complex number: 1 + 13i


Therefore, the sum of (−4+10i) and (5+3i) is 1 + 13i. This process demonstrates the simplicity of adding complex numbers. It's important to remember that complex numbers are added by combining their real and imaginary components separately.

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