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Simplifying the Expression: (−8y2−9y)−(−8y3+9y2−5y)

This article will guide you through simplifying the expression (−8y2−9y)−(−8y3+9y2−5y).

Understanding the Steps

The key to simplifying this expression lies in understanding the distributive property and combining like terms.

  1. Distribute the Negative Sign: The negative sign in front of the second set of parentheses means we multiply each term inside the parentheses by -1. This gives us:

    (−8y2−9y) + (8y3 - 9y2 + 5y)

  2. Combine Like Terms: Now, we identify and combine terms with the same variable and exponent.

    • y3 terms: There's only one term with y3: 8y3
    • y2 terms: We have -8y2 and -9y2, which combine to -17y2
    • y terms: We have -9y and 5y, which combine to -4y
  3. Write the Simplified Expression: Finally, we combine all the simplified terms: 8y3 - 17y2 - 4y

Final Answer

Therefore, the simplified expression of (−8y2−9y)−(−8y3+9y2−5y) is 8y3 - 17y2 - 4y.

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