(−x2−3x+3)−(−x2−9x+6) Perform The Operation

less than a minute read Jun 17, 2024
(−x2−3x+3)−(−x2−9x+6) Perform The Operation

Simplifying the Expression: (−x2−3x+3)−(−x2−9x+6)

This problem involves subtracting two polynomials. To simplify this expression, we need to follow these steps:

  1. Distribute the negative sign: The negative sign in front of the second set of parentheses means we multiply each term inside the parentheses by -1.

    This gives us: (−x2−3x+3) + (x2 + 9x - 6)

  2. Combine like terms: Identify terms with the same variables and exponents and combine their coefficients.

    • x2 terms: -x2 + x2 = 0
    • x terms: -3x + 9x = 6x
    • Constant terms: 3 - 6 = -3
  3. Write the simplified expression: After combining like terms, the simplified expression is: 6x - 3

Therefore, the simplified form of (−x2−3x+3)−(−x2−9x+6) is 6x - 3.

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