less than a minute read Jun 17, 2024

Simplifying the Expression: (x^2 - x) + (8x - 2x^2)

This article will guide you through simplifying the algebraic expression: (x^2 - x) + (8x - 2x^2).

Understanding the Expression

The expression involves terms with different powers of 'x'. We have:

  • x^2 terms: x^2 and -2x^2
  • x terms: -x and 8x

Simplifying the Expression

To simplify, we combine like terms:

  1. Combine x^2 terms: x^2 - 2x^2 = -x^2

  2. Combine x terms: -x + 8x = 7x

  3. Combine the simplified terms: -x^2 + 7x

Final Simplified Expression

Therefore, the simplified form of the expression (x^2 - x) + (8x - 2x^2) is -x^2 + 7x.

This simplified form is equivalent to the original expression and can be used in further algebraic operations or calculations.