(x^4)^4 Simplify

2 min read Jun 17, 2024
(x^4)^4 Simplify

Simplifying (x^4)^4

In mathematics, simplifying expressions often involves applying rules of exponents. One such rule states that when raising a power to another power, you multiply the exponents. This principle applies to the expression (x^4)^4.

Understanding the Rule

The rule for simplifying powers of powers is:

(a^m)^n = a^(m*n)

This means that when raising a base (a) to a power (m) and then raising the result to another power (n), you can simplify by multiplying the exponents (m and n).

Applying the Rule to (x^4)^4

In our expression (x^4)^4, we have:

  • Base: x
  • First Exponent: 4
  • Second Exponent: 4

Applying the rule, we get:

(x^4)^4 = x^(4 * 4) = x^16

Therefore, simplifying (x^4)^4 results in x^16.

In Conclusion

The expression (x^4)^4 can be simplified to x^16 by applying the rule of exponents for powers of powers. Remember, this rule is a valuable tool for simplifying complex expressions and making them easier to work with.

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