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Simplifying the Expression: (x^5+x^3)-(6x-x^3+6x^5)

This article will guide you through simplifying the given algebraic expression: (x^5+x^3)-(6x-x^3+6x^5).

Step 1: Distribute the Negative Sign

Begin by distributing the negative sign in front of the second set of parentheses. This means multiplying each term inside the second set of parentheses by -1:

x^5 + x^3 - 6x + x^3 - 6x^5

Step 2: Combine Like Terms

Identify terms with the same variable and exponent and combine their coefficients.

x^5 terms:

  • x^5 - 6x^5 = -5x^5

x^3 terms:

  • x^3 + x^3 = 2x^3

x terms:

  • -6x

The simplified expression is:

-5x^5 + 2x^3 - 6x


By applying the order of operations and combining like terms, we have successfully simplified the given expression. Remember, the key is to be meticulous with signs and to combine only terms with the same variable and exponent.

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