(x^5)^4 Simplify

less than a minute read Jun 17, 2024
(x^5)^4 Simplify

Simplifying (x^5)^4

In mathematics, simplifying expressions is a fundamental skill. One common type of simplification involves exponents. Let's look at the expression (x^5)^4 and how to simplify it.

Understanding the Rules of Exponents

The key to simplifying this expression lies in understanding the power of a power rule. This rule states that when raising a power to another power, you multiply the exponents:

(a^m)^n = a^(m*n)

Applying the Rule to (x^5)^4

Using the power of a power rule, we can simplify (x^5)^4 as follows:

  • (x^5)^4 = x^(5*4)
  • (x^5)^4 = x^20


Therefore, the simplified form of (x^5)^4 is x^20. By applying the power of a power rule, we successfully reduced the complexity of the expression while maintaining its mathematical equivalence.

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