(x^6)^1/2 Simplified

less than a minute read Jun 17, 2024
(x^6)^1/2 Simplified

Simplifying (x^6)^1/2

The expression (x^6)^1/2 represents a power raised to another power. To simplify this, we use the rule of exponents:

(a^m)^n = a^(m*n)

Applying this to our expression:

(x^6)^1/2 = x^(6 * 1/2) = x^3

Therefore, the simplified form of (x^6)^1/2 is x^3.


  • (x^6) means x multiplied by itself six times.
  • (1/2) as an exponent indicates taking the square root of the base.
  • We multiply the exponents (6 * 1/2) to get 3.
  • Therefore, the final result is x cubed (x^3).

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