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Simplifying (x^6)(x^5)

In mathematics, when multiplying exponents with the same base, we add the powers. This is a fundamental rule that simplifies expressions significantly. Let's break down how to simplify (x^6)(x^5):

Understanding the Rule

The rule states: x^m * x^n = x^(m+n)

  • x represents the base (the variable or number being multiplied by itself)
  • m and n represent the exponents (the number of times the base is multiplied by itself)

Applying the Rule to (x^6)(x^5)

  1. Identify the base: In our expression, the base is 'x'.
  2. Identify the exponents: We have '6' and '5' as exponents.
  3. Add the exponents: 6 + 5 = 11
  4. Combine the base and the new exponent: x^(6+5) = x^11

Final Answer

Therefore, (x^6)(x^5) simplifies to x^11.

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