(y^2)^3 Without Exponents

less than a minute read Jun 17, 2024
(y^2)^3 Without Exponents

Understanding (y^2)^3 without Exponents

The expression (y^2)^3 represents a power raised to another power. To understand it without exponents, we need to break it down into simpler terms.

What does (y^2) mean?

  • y^2 means y multiplied by itself twice: y * y.

What does (y^2)^3 mean?

  • (y^2)^3 means (y^2) multiplied by itself three times: (y^2) * (y^2) * (y^2)

Expanding the expression

Now, let's substitute the expanded form of y^2:

  • (y * y) * (y * y) * (y * y)

Finally, we can see that this is simply y multiplied by itself six times:

  • y * y * y * y * y * y


Therefore, (y^2)^3 without exponents is equivalent to y multiplied by itself six times, which can also be written as y * y * y * y * y * y.

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