(y^3 X 2^5)^2

2 min read Jun 17, 2024
(y^3 X 2^5)^2

Simplifying (y^3 x 2^5)^2

In mathematics, simplifying expressions involves reducing them to their most basic form. Let's break down how to simplify the expression (y^3 x 2^5)^2.

Applying the Exponent Rule

The key to simplifying this expression is understanding the rule of exponents that states: (a^m)^n = a^(m*n).

This means that when raising a power to another power, we multiply the exponents.

Applying the Rule to our Expression

Let's apply this rule to our expression:

(y^3 x 2^5)^2 = y^(32) x 2^(52)

Simplifying Further

Now, we can simplify the exponents:

y^(32) x 2^(52) = y^6 x 2^10

Final Result

Therefore, the simplified form of (y^3 x 2^5)^2 is y^6 x 2^10.

Additional Notes

While this is the simplified form, we can also further express 2^10 as 1024. So, another way to represent the expression is 1024y^6.

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