1 3 2 Twice Lyrics

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1 3 2 Twice Lyrics

Unpacking the Meaning of TWICE's "1, 3, 2"

"1, 3, 2" is a playful and catchy song released by the South Korean girl group TWICE in October 2021. It's a cheerful track about finding the courage to confess your feelings and taking a leap of faith in love.

Here's a breakdown of the lyrics:

Counting Down to Confession

The title "1, 3, 2" itself is a countdown, hinting at a moment of anticipation and excitement. The lyrics start with the lines:

"1, 3, 2, a little bit more, My heart's overflowing, It's about to burst"

This establishes the feeling of being overwhelmed with emotions and a desire to express them. The countdown suggests a sense of urgency and determination to finally confess.

Overcoming Fear

The song acknowledges the fear of rejection that comes with confessing feelings. The lyrics express a struggle between wanting to express oneself and being afraid of the potential consequences:

"I know I should just do it, But I’m scared of getting hurt"

However, the song emphasizes that being honest with one's feelings is ultimately more rewarding than keeping them bottled up:

"But it's better to say it, Even if you get hurt, Right?"

Taking a Chance

The chorus of "1, 3, 2" is where the song's message becomes most clear:

"1, 3, 2, I'm taking a chance, Even if I’m scared, I’m going to say it, I’m going to confess, I’m going to be brave"

This bold declaration showcases a newfound confidence and the decision to move forward despite the fear.

A Message of Hope

The song ends on a hopeful note, suggesting that even if the confession is not reciprocated, the experience itself will be a valuable lesson:

"Even if we can't be together, I'm glad I confessed"

Overall, "1, 3, 2" is an uplifting and relatable song about the courage to pursue love. It encourages listeners to be brave, take risks, and embrace the possibility of vulnerability.

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