1 Ana Gold = Gram Price In Nepal

4 min read Jun 17, 2024
1 Ana Gold = Gram Price In Nepal

1 Ana Gold = How Much in Nepal?

In Nepal, gold prices are often quoted in "tola" and "ana". One tola equals 11.6638 grams, and one ana equals 1/16 of a tola, which is equivalent to 0.73 grams. This article will discuss how to calculate the price of 1 ana of gold in Nepal.

Understanding Gold Pricing in Nepal

Gold prices fluctuate daily based on international market prices, global demand, and economic factors. Therefore, the price of 1 ana of gold in Nepal will change constantly. To determine the current price, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the current gold rate in Nepal: Look for reliable sources such as local newspapers, jeweler websites, or financial websites that publish daily gold rates in Nepal.
  2. Find the price per tola: The gold price will usually be displayed per tola.
  3. Divide the price by 16: Since 1 ana is equal to 1/16 of a tola, divide the price per tola by 16 to get the price of 1 ana.


Let's say the current price of gold in Nepal is Rs. 90,000 per tola.

  • Price of 1 ana: Rs. 90,000 / 16 = Rs. 5,625.

Therefore, 1 ana of gold would cost approximately Rs. 5,625 in Nepal at this particular moment.

Factors Affecting 1 Ana Gold Price in Nepal

In addition to international market prices, several other factors can influence the price of 1 ana of gold in Nepal. These include:

  • Exchange rate: Fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Nepali Rupee and the US Dollar (where gold is usually priced) can affect gold prices.
  • Demand and supply: Increased demand for gold, due to festivals, weddings, or investments, can drive prices higher.
  • Import duties and taxes: Government-imposed import duties and taxes on gold can impact the final price paid by consumers.
  • Local market conditions: Specific market conditions, such as competition among jewelers, can also influence prices.


The price of 1 ana of gold in Nepal constantly changes, and it is essential to refer to reliable sources to get the latest price. By understanding the factors influencing gold prices and following the simple calculation methods, you can determine the current value of 1 ana of gold in Nepal.

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