1 Ana Kitna Gram

2 min read Jun 17, 2024
1 Ana Kitna Gram

What is 1 Ana?

"Ana" is a unit of weight commonly used in the Indian subcontinent, particularly in South Asia. It is a traditional unit of measurement, often used for spices and other ingredients in cooking.

How much is 1 Ana?

1 Ana is equivalent to approximately 1/16th of a tola, which itself is roughly equal to 11.66 grams. Therefore, 1 Ana is roughly equal to:

  • 0.729 grams

Conversion Chart:

Here's a table for easy reference:

Unit Grams
1 Tola 11.66
1 Ana 0.729
1 Masha 0.0456
1 Ratti 0.0038

Using Ana in Cooking:

While Ana is still used in some traditional recipes, it's becoming less common with the increasing adoption of the metric system. However, many chefs and home cooks still find it a convenient unit of measurement for small quantities, especially when dealing with spices.

Note: The exact weight of an Ana can vary slightly depending on the region and the specific conversion table being used.

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