1 Bhar Silver In Gram

2 min read Jun 17, 2024
1 Bhar Silver In Gram

Understanding 1 Bhar of Silver in Grams

The bhar is a unit of weight used in South Asia, particularly in India. It's important to note that the bhar isn't a standardized unit and can vary depending on the region. While 1 bhar can equal various weights, the most common conversion to grams is 11.6638 grams.

Conversion of 1 Bhar to Grams

The conversion of 1 bhar to grams is typically based on the "tola", another unit of weight prevalent in the region. One tola is generally equal to 11.6638 grams. Since 1 bhar is equivalent to 10 tolas, the conversion becomes:

1 bhar = 10 tolas = 10 x 11.6638 grams = 116.638 grams

Importance of Knowing the Conversion

Understanding the conversion between bhar and grams is crucial for various reasons:

  • Accurate Weight Measurements: When buying or selling silver, using the correct conversion ensures accurate weight measurements, preventing any discrepancies.
  • Pricing Comparisons: Knowing the weight in grams enables easier price comparisons with other markets or sellers who use different units.
  • International Trade: For international trade, silver is often priced per gram or ounce. Being able to convert from bhar to grams allows for seamless transactions.


While the bhar may be a traditional unit of weight, understanding its conversion to grams is essential in modern transactions involving silver. Using the common conversion of 1 bhar equaling 116.638 grams ensures accurate measurements, facilitates fair pricing, and enables smooth international trade.