1 Bhori Gold In Gram

3 min read Jun 17, 2024
1 Bhori Gold In Gram

What is 1 Bhori of Gold in Grams?

Bhori is a traditional unit of weight used in India, primarily for measuring gold and silver. It's not an internationally recognized unit of measure, so understanding its conversion to grams is important.

1 Bhori is equal to 11.6638 grams.

This conversion can be helpful for:

  • Understanding the weight of gold jewelry: When buying gold jewelry, it's often priced by the Bhori, but you might need to convert it to grams for comparisons or calculations.
  • Calculating the cost of gold: Knowing the gram equivalent allows you to determine the cost of gold based on its current market price per gram.
  • Comparing prices from different jewelers: Some jewelers might use Bhori, while others might use grams. Converting to a common unit ensures accurate price comparisons.

Calculating Gold Weight in Bhori and Grams

Here's a simple formula for conversion:

  • Bhori to Grams: Multiply the weight in Bhori by 11.6638
  • Grams to Bhori: Divide the weight in grams by 11.6638


Let's say you have a piece of jewelry weighing 5 Bhori. To find its weight in grams:

5 Bhori x 11.6638 grams/Bhori = 58.319 grams

Bhori vs. Tola

It's important to note that Bhori is different from Tola, another traditional Indian unit of weight.

  • 1 Tola = 11.6638 grams
  • 1 Bhori = 11.6638 grams

While both units have the same numerical value in grams, they are often used differently. Bhori is primarily used for gold and silver, while Tola is used for other precious metals and even spices.

Understanding the conversion between Bhori and grams is essential for anyone dealing with gold in India. It ensures accurate calculations, fair pricing, and clear communication in transactions.

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