1 Gram Gold Price In Bhutan In Indian Rupees

5 min read Jun 17, 2024
1 Gram Gold Price In Bhutan In Indian Rupees

The Price of Gold in Bhutan: A Guide to 1 Gram in Indian Rupees

Gold, a precious metal known for its value and beauty, is an important asset in many economies, including Bhutan. The price of gold fluctuates daily based on various factors like global demand, economic conditions, and geopolitical events.

This guide will help you understand the price of 1 gram of gold in Bhutan, expressed in Indian Rupees.

Understanding Gold Prices in Bhutan

Bhutan's currency is the Ngultrum (BTN), which is pegged to the Indian Rupee (INR). Therefore, the price of gold in Bhutan is typically quoted in Indian Rupees.

However, it's important to note that local jewelers and gold dealers in Bhutan might apply their own markups on top of the international gold rate. These markups can vary based on their operating costs, reputation, and the type of gold jewelry they offer.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices in Bhutan

Several factors influence the price of gold in Bhutan, including:

  • International Gold Prices: The most significant factor is the global gold market determined by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Changes in international gold prices directly impact the price in Bhutan.
  • Exchange Rates: Fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Indian Rupee and the Bhutanese Ngultrum can influence the price of gold in Bhutan.
  • Local Market Demand: The demand for gold within Bhutan can also influence prices. Factors such as festivals, weddings, and cultural preferences can lead to price variations.
  • Taxes and Duties: The government's tax and import duty policies on gold can impact the final price paid by consumers.

Where to Find the Current Gold Price

To find the latest price of 1 gram of gold in Bhutan, you can consult:

  • Local Jewelers and Gold Dealers: These businesses are a direct source of information on current gold rates in Bhutan. They might also offer discounts or promotions.
  • Online Market Data: Several websites provide real-time gold price data in Indian Rupees. Look for reputable websites that source their information from reliable sources.
  • Financial News Channels: Financial news channels often provide updates on the gold market, including current prices in major currencies.

Considerations When Buying Gold

When buying gold in Bhutan, consider the following factors:

  • Purity: Gold purity is measured in karats (K), with 24K being the purest. Ensure you understand the purity of the gold you're buying.
  • Making Charges: Jewelers often charge making charges for crafting gold jewelry. This cost should be factored into the total price.
  • Taxes: You may have to pay VAT or GST on gold purchases, depending on the local tax policies.


The price of gold in Bhutan is dynamic, influenced by various factors. By understanding these factors and seeking information from reputable sources, you can make informed decisions when buying gold in Bhutan. Remember to factor in local markups, taxes, and purity levels for a comprehensive understanding of the final cost.

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