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Simplifying Polynomial Expressions

This article will guide you through the steps to simplify the polynomial expression: (−8x²−5x+8)−(−6x² + 3x − 3)

Understanding the Problem

The problem involves subtracting two polynomials. We need to simplify the expression by combining like terms.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Distribute the Negative Sign: The minus sign in front of the second parenthesis indicates we need to distribute it to each term inside the parenthesis. This changes the signs of all terms within the parenthesis:

    (−8x²−5x+8) + (6x² - 3x + 3)

  2. Combine Like Terms: Now, identify and group the terms with the same variable and exponent:

    • x² terms: -8x² + 6x² = -2x²
    • x terms: -5x - 3x = -8x
    • Constant terms: 8 + 3 = 11
  3. Write the Simplified Expression: Combine the simplified terms:

    -2x² - 8x + 11


Therefore, the simplified form of the expression (−8x²−5x+8)−(−6x² + 3x − 3) is -2x² - 8x + 11.

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