(y^3)^2 Without Exponents

2 min read Jun 17, 2024
(y^3)^2 Without Exponents

Understanding (y^3)^2 without Exponents

The expression (y^3)^2 might seem intimidating at first glance, but it's actually quite simple to understand when broken down. Let's dive into the meaning of this expression and how to rewrite it without exponents.

Breaking Down the Expression

  • y^3: This means "y multiplied by itself three times" or y * y * y.
  • (y^3)^2: This means "y^3 multiplied by itself twice" or (y * y * y) * (y * y * y).

Expanding the Expression

To eliminate the exponents, we need to fully expand the expression:

(y * y * y) * (y * y * y) = y * y * y * y * y * y

The Final Result

Therefore, (y^3)^2 without exponents is y multiplied by itself six times.

Key Point

Notice that the final result has a total of six "y"s. This is because the power of 2 outside the parentheses indicates that the base (y^3) is multiplied by itself twice, and the power of 3 within the parentheses indicates that "y" is multiplied by itself three times.

Understanding these concepts will help you simplify and manipulate expressions involving exponents with confidence.

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