1 2 3 4 Song Lyrics In Hindi

5 min read Jun 17, 2024
1 2 3 4 Song Lyrics In Hindi

Unlocking the Magic of "1 2 3 4": A Hindi Translation and Analysis

The iconic children's song "1 2 3 4" is a global phenomenon, captivating kids and adults alike with its simple melody and catchy lyrics. In Hindi, the song takes on a new dimension, offering a fresh perspective on the numbers and actions that make up its essence.

Exploring the Hindi Lyrics:

Here's a translation of the Hindi version:

Ek do teen char, chaal chal, chaal chal (One two three four, walk walk, walk walk) Paanch chhe saat aath, chaal chal, chaal chal (Five six seven eight, walk walk, walk walk) Nau das gyara baara, chaal chal, chaal chal (Nine ten eleven twelve, walk walk, walk walk) Teerteen chaudah pandrah solah, chaal chal, chaal chal (Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen, walk walk, walk walk)

Ek do teen char, haath uthao, haath uthao (One two three four, raise hands, raise hands) Paanch chhe saat aath, haath uthao, haath uthao (Five six seven eight, raise hands, raise hands) Nau das gyara baara, haath uthao, haath uthao (Nine ten eleven twelve, raise hands, raise hands) Teerteen chaudah pandrah solah, haath uthao, haath uthao (Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen, raise hands, raise hands)

Ek do teen char, jhukao, jhukao (One two three four, bend, bend) Paanch chhe saat aath, jhukao, jhukao (Five six seven eight, bend, bend) Nau das gyara baara, jhukao, jhukao (Nine ten eleven twelve, bend, bend) Teerteen chaudah pandrah solah, jhukao, jhukao (Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen, bend, bend)

Ek do teen char, taali bajaao, taali bajaao (One two three four, clap, clap) Paanch chhe saat aath, taali bajaao, taali bajaao (Five six seven eight, clap, clap) Nau das gyara baara, taali bajaao, taali bajaao (Nine ten eleven twelve, clap, clap) Teerteen chaudah pandrah solah, taali bajaao, taali bajaao (Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen, clap, clap)

The Power of Simplicity:

The Hindi lyrics retain the simplicity and repetition that make the original song so effective. The use of "chaal chal" (walk walk) and "haath uthao" (raise hands) is highly repetitive, allowing kids to quickly grasp the actions and engage in the song. The playful call and response structure reinforces learning and encourages participation.

Cultural Significance:

The Hindi translation highlights the song's universality and its ability to transcend cultural barriers. It introduces children to the Hindi language and numbers, offering a fun and engaging way to learn a new vocabulary. The inclusion of actions like clapping and bending further connects the song to Indian culture and traditions.


"1 2 3 4" in Hindi remains a fun and educational song for children of all ages. Its simple lyrics and engaging actions make it perfect for learning numbers, participating in activities, and experiencing the joy of music. By incorporating the Hindi language, the song fosters cultural understanding and appreciation, making it a valuable tool for language development and global connection.

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